Digital Agency Offers Discounted Marketing To Support Businesses In Covid-19 Crisis

Digital Agency Offers Discounted Marketing To Support Businesses In Covid-19 Crisis

MAIDENHEAD, BERKSHIRE, UK / ACCESSWIRE / April 9, 2020 / One of UK’s leading digital marketing agency with representation around the world, Effective Inbound Marketing, is helping brands scale through difficult times during the covid19 crisis by offering a reduction in digital marketing costs to businesses that are helping patients or serving critical human needs during the pandemic.

Effective Inbound Marketing offers digital marketing and PR services to large and medium-sized businesses but has seen an increase in demand from small businesses that now rely on customers coming from the internet.

As the world shelters in, businesses have shifted their marketing online, straining the ability of digital marketing agencies to cater to small businesses, owing to an influx of demand.

A reoccurring trend that the representatives of Effective Inbound Marketing have noticed is that some of these small businesses are struggling to meet some of their needs, and hence paying $15,000 upwards at a single drop for their marketing campaigns may be a stretch at the moment.

To ensure that these businesses are not left out, Effective Inbound Marketing has generously opened its arms to welcome qualifying businesses that provide essential services to people.

EIM is offering a 50% reduction in prices for companies producing soaps, body creams or beauty related essentials that need to reach customers online and 75% off to companies producing critical products such as rehydration products, gloves, facemasks or FDA approved drugs as well as companies offering therapy (manufacturers of vaccines or drugs that recently came out or Chloroquines and any other drugs promising to cure Covid19 are currently not accepted).

This offer only covers the company’s Luxury Marketing Campaign, however, businesses seeking other services are welcome to make inquiries.

The CEO of Effective Inbound Marketing, Ayodeji Onibalusi, a featured contributor to FoxNews, and expert opinion contributor to major outlets such as Forbes, BusinessInsider and many others on the subject of digital marketing and online reputation management has promised to support small and medium-sized businesses during these trying times.

“As a leader in the digital marketing space, we understand that now, more than ever, our clients and other small businesses would rely on our expertise and generosity to keep their businesses running and help them guarantee consistent cash-flow, and we want to assure everyone that we’ll keep our virtual doors open to everyone at this moment,” Ayodeji said.

Timmy Helen, the company’s head of customer relationship, however, clarified that this discount offer is not open to businesses that are in high-end markets such as the luxury retail market, casino or auto industry.

Effective Inbound Marketing is looking forward to working with and supporting the growth of startups and businesses that may have been genuinely affected by this current global crisis.

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